jRSS is a simple java API to produce Really Simple Syndication (RSS) documents following the specification version 2.0

This project was developed in my free time when I had no projects running for the company I worked. Once I was boring surfing the internet I'd started to look for something new, that time (August, 2004) the new thing in the internet was the rss feeds. So I decided to do something with my knowledge with Java (1 year as professional) and this 'new thing', but what? I saw a lot of readers available in the internet, but no generator! Voilà! I built in a few days a brand new rss feed generator called 'jRSS - Simple Java RSS Generator'. I call it simple 'cause I am its creator

Anyway, the main purpose of this project was not simply to spend time, I was trying to contribute with the community once the community was the one who paid my college bill (actually, there was no bill 'cause it was a Federal University - free in Brazil).

I really wasn't expecting this library would be downloaded at all. When I released the first version I was not very proud of my effort, but now I see it has around 3-4 downloads per day and I am becoming prouder of my effort.

So, thank you all for helping the free and open source community to grow!!

Best Regards,
Henrique Viecili

Nota aos brasileiros: vou providenciar, assim que sobrar mais tempo, a tradução do conteúdo do site, entretando, sugiro fortemente não esperar por isso.